A Stock Index is a good and indicative measure of market performance. An index is a basket of stocks which are listed on the exchange. For example, the UK stock index FTSE 100 contains stocks of the 100 largest and most liquid UK-listed companies.

A change in the performance of any stock in an index is reflected in a change in the overall value of that index. Trading indices allows traders to take a wider view of the market with a basket of stocks rather than taking a view on one individual stock alone.


Global Stock Indexes


Leverage on Global Indicies

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Trade 15+ Major Indicies

Gain exposure and diversify your portfolio by trading global indices including Indices from Australia, Asia, US and Europe.


Product Name



UK 100 Index

Up to 200:1


US Wall Street 30 Index

Up to 200:1


US Tech 100 Index

Up to 200:1


US SP 500 Index

Up to 200:1

RUSS2000 (MT5 Only)

US Russell 2000 Index

Up to 100:1


Germany 30 Index

Up to 200:1


Spain 35 Index

Up to 200:1


France 40 Index

Up to 200:1


Australia 200 Index

Up to 100:1


Japan 225 Index

Up to 200:1


Hong Kong 50 Index

Up to 100:1


Euro Stocks 50 Index

Up to 200:1

CHINA50 (MT5 Only)

China 50 Index

Up to 20:1

INDIA50 (MT5 Only)

India 50 Index

Up to 20:1

CHShares (MT5 Only)

China H-Shares

Up to 20:1

VIX (MT5 Only)

US Volatility Index

Up to 20:1

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